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Successful Overseas New Employee Orientation


Successful Overseas New Employee Orientation

To familiarize new employees with Feature-Tec and our products so as to fulfil their job requirements, Feature-Tec organized a one week employee immersion programme for employees from Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, and China to gather in Shanghai and Wuxi to discuss our new cutting-edge technology.

With the new colleagues’ desire for excellence burning as fiercely as the summer weather, the attendees actively participated in numerous technical training sessions. Marketing Manager James Zhang gave insights into the powder processing industry and applications for Feature-Tec’s Tiger Sleeve. Participants are trained extensively in our products and their relevant applications, explaining in detail the engineering design and marketing strategies for each product.

After the training session in Shanghai, participants were sent to Feature-Tec’s Wuxi factory where Hefei Machinery’s Director Zhang shared the technical capabilities of the inverting filter centrifuge and centrifugal extractor. Our German colleague, Alexander explained filter bag applications in great detail.

In addition, Feature-Tec organized various ice-breaking sessions for the new colleagues to bond and familiarise with each other, building trust and camaraderie in the team.

During the closing of the event, directors Sam and Simon offered best wishes to the new colleagues and hoped that the participants will be the cornerstone for Feature-Tec’s global development strategy.

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