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As a leader of production technology in the filtration industry, Feature-Tec conceptualised & developed various cutting-edge filtration products. We are equipped with a precision testing laboratory for filtration to provide services such as material detection. Our team of experts with over 20 years of experience in filtration is confident of proposing the ideal solution, with international servicing teams to assist you. By providing the full spectrum of services, Feature-Tec strives to bring satisfaction to our clients worldwide.

Feature-Tec Services

  • Consultation & Evaluation
    Professional Assessment & Planning

    Professional Assessment & Planning


    Our Capabilities


    For over a decade, Feature-Tec accumulated a wealth of experience through serving various domestic and international clients with our equipment and services. Feature-Tec’s filtration experts understands your problems and requirements, and will propose a suitable plan through analyzing factors affecting your process, current industrial standards, your available resources and equipment performance.


    Feature-Tec is able to assess the economical potential of a project by evaluating and optimizing based on the cost. Our experts in the field are capable of providing a rigorous and objective assessment based on our clients’ requirements. By tapping on our wealth of experience, Feature-Tec aims to provide clients with high quality filtration equipment and services, such as comprehensive advice about process technology and production processes, testing & analysis facilities and process design to optimize your project. By reviewing the fundamental technology involved, Feature-Tec will remove possible project bottlenecks and provide the best possible solution.


    Chemical Process Assessment & Selection

    Chemical Process Assessment & Selection


    Evaluation Process

    In the planning stage of the project, Feature-Tec assists clients from providing detailed process description, optimizing chemical processes & instrumentation to equipment selection. By reviewing important process details coupled with Feature-Tec’s technical knowledge, we are capable of providing a professional evaluation for you.

    Equipment Selection

    In a chemical process, raw materials are reacted under controlled conditions to produce the desired products. As the process variables are controlled and maintained by the process equipment, it is of utmost importance to select the equipment most suited for your application to achieve the desired production quality. With Feature-Tec, clients can select from a range of specialised equipment and specify technical requirements from housing and element material to customized features.


  • Engineering Design
    Professional Solutions for Complex Challenges

    Professional Solutions for Complex Challenges


    Comprehensive Design

    Feature-Tec’s engineering design involves compiling and analysing design parameters, overall system design, and safety and environment requirements. Our pool of experienced technical experts, who are speakers at national conferences, will present the most effective design for construction and operation based on the analysed data & parameters.

    Environmental Protection & Safety

    Environmental protection and operational safety has been a prerequisite for all Feature-Tec’s technical design. We are capable of providing system designs to meet emission and waste discharge standards based on our years of experience in the industry.

  • Fabrication & Procurement
    Excellent Fabrication Meeting Clients’ Requirements

    Excellent Fabrication Meeting Clients’ Requirements



    Feature-Tec’s offsite fabrication offers cost and time efficiency capable of supporting fast-track projects, reducing variable conditions such as weather or labour shortages. With our rich experience in project management and working with major EPCs, Feature-Tec is capable of optimizing fabrication and construction for our clients, ensuring the most cost-effective solution.

    Fabrication Advantages:


    • Pre-fabrication design for efficient construction;

    • Unique modular design;

    • Dedicated material & parts procurement for offsite fabrication;

    • Advanced sourcing methods with partnered global suppliers;

    • Expedited supply chain & logistic management;

    • Strictest quality control



    Procurement Management System

    Procurement Management System


    Feature-Tec’s Procurement Services

    Through our procurement management system, Feature-Tec analyzes the procurement requirements for the entire project to determine the number of equipments and technical parameters.


    Feature-Tec’s procurement department liaises directly with the technical design team during project planning stages to review part prices from our suppliers to control costs. The procurement department maintains strong relationships with our existing suppliers, and periodically updates the system to include new, capable suppliers.


    Feature-Tec’s advanced sourcing methods, market intelligence, and strong supply chain allows us to reduce cost and meet adhere to timelines for our key clients’ projects.


  • Installation & Servicing
    Professional Installation & Servicing

    Professional Installation & Servicing



    Feature-Tec’s professional installation & servicing team ensure our clients achieve optimum results during the installation stage of projects. With experienced professionals and technicians, Feature-Tec provides full onsite services such as installation, commissioning for all clients worldwide.


    We pride ourselves as a one-stop service provider, giving assurance to our clients at every stage of the project. Feature-Tec will arrange for specialized technical professionals to guide during site installation and commissioning, and assist when issues arise.


    Feature-Tec has extensive experience in managing culturally diverse workforces. Our global network allows effective mobilization of skilled teams and introduction of advanced methodologies around the world.



    Installation & Construction Management

    Installation & Construction Management



    Feature-Tec provides installation and construction management services based on clients’ requirements such as providing onsite technical staff, training, quality management and safety programs.As a professional engineering company, Feature-Tec offers the full range of construction services, including welding certifications, compatibility checks, process certifications and modular assembly.


    Feature-Tec implements the following pointers for effective management of projects:


    • A management system for the design, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and acceptance of a project.

    • Internal review of each project upon completion for learning and improvement to be applied for future projects.

    • Each project is managed and coordinated by a team of members each with different specializations, with each detail carefully and strictly controlled to ensure the delivery of a professional system.

    • Establishing good relations with clients and contractors to meet project objectives.


  • Project Management
    Project Management Services

    Project Management Services


    • Project Management Services


    Feature-Tec engineers are capable of assisting in planning and scheduling of projects, using our management system for fabrication timelines and other specified requirements from our clients. Feature-Tec’s dedicated project management department will ensure professional management service to projects of various scales.


    • Project Quality Assurance


    As quality assurance is a key section of a project, Feature-Tec implements stringent monitoring and supervision of the fabrication process from start to finish, and also conducts process control testing and quality inspections to ensure the quality of our systems.


    • EHS Management System


    Environmental, health & safety (EHS) management professionals from Feature-Tec will analyse all possible conditions & impacts at project sites for operators, providing an efficient work process and minimize any possible risks.


    Project Documentation Management

    Project Documentation Management


    • Project Documentation


    As projects in some industries require large volumes of detailed documentation, Feature-Tec assigns a dedicated team that follows the project from start to completion, ensuring standardised documentation and management for each project we receive.


    • Project Progress Report


    As projects involve collaboration between multiple departments, we understand the importance of having comprehensive and timely project progress reports for project implementation.Our project management team provides updated progress reports to help you to understand key project points such as the cost, risk, quality, and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy aspects.


    • Execution Management


    Feature-Tec emphasizes the importance of efficient project execution management from planning stages till completion. We provide complete execution control for each project task through effective integration and monitoring of allocated project personnel and resources for each segment of a project.

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