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Technical & Research Capabilities
Commissioned by the GB committee as subject experts, Feature-Tec has gained unique insights in filtration & separation processes, equipment manufacturing and engineering services through years of dedicated research.
Apart from solving process issues for clients, Feature-Tec continues to cooperate with renowned universities and academic experts for peer learning and discussion, and has established a provincial research centre to pursue technical excellence.
Feature-Tec Contributions to National Standards Feature-Tec Contributions to National Standards

Feature-Tec drafted the GB standards for the filtration industry, contributing our years of experience for the standardization of China's filtration industry.

National Standard: GB/T 26114-2010 Liquid Filtration System General Technical Specifications National Standard: GB/T 30176-2013 Liquid Filtration System Performance Test Methods Industrial Standard: JB/T 11713-2013 Bag Filters for Liquid Applications Industrial Standard: JB/T 12310-2015 Bunching Pipe Back Flushing Filter
Feature-Tec's Developments and Achievements Feature-Tec's Developments and Achievements


Engineers around the world from Feature-Tec Group has nearly 200 technologies through continual pursuit of technological and product innovation to advance our filtration and separation technology.

Partnered Institutions

Feature-Tec maintains cooperative relationship with major domestic and foreign research institutions and achieved fruitful results in numerous projects, advancing Feature-Tec’s development in producing innovative, quality filtration products.


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