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Feature-Tec Shines at the CIESC Annual Conference


The 2023 CIESC Annual Conference recently concluded in Guangzhou. During this event, Feature-Tec showcased its latest filtration products and industrial applications. With a unique perspective and advanced solutions, Feature-Tec once again garnered industry attention, solidifying its leadership position in the field of filtration and separation.

With years of dedication to the chemical industry, Feature-Tec has been advancing hand-in-hand with the industry, contributing to the technological innovation in chemical filtration with its outstanding technical prowess and unwavering spirit of innovation.


Feature-Tec's offerings include:

Catalytic Reaction Post-Treatment Units

Slurry Filtration and Washing Systems

Micro-Reaction Filtration and Separation Systems

Precision Filtration Systems for Process Fluids

Decolorization and Adsorption Post-Treatment Filtration Systems

High-Temperature Process Gas Filtration

Process Equipment for Concentrated Acids

Water Filtration Systems for Cooling, Freezing, Condensation, and Washing

Desalination, Deacidification, Dealkalization/Oil-Water Separation Phase Separation Units


Feature-Tec's booth featured a sleek and technologically advanced design, showcasing the company's extensive product line and cutting-edge filtration and separation technology. The enthusiastic staff answered various questions from attendees and delved into their needs and processes, exploring potential future collaborations, strengthening relationships with customers through candid discussions and interactions.


Products, exhibited by Feature-Tec, included the MIGHTY All-Fluorine High-Efficiency Filter, LIBRA All-Fluorine Hydrophilic PTFE Filter, MEGAPOLY PFA Filters, GIST Ultra-Pure Gas Filter and Gasfaver High-Temperature Ultra-Pure Gas Diffuser etc. These products for gas boast a filtration precision of up to 3nm and are suitable for various ultrapure gas filtration applications in photolithography, etching, CVD, cleaning, and other fields. These products demonstrate Feature-Tec's robust capabilities and its fearless commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.


As a leading enterprise in the filtration field, Feature-Tec has earned the recognition and praise of numerous customers in the chemical industry over the past decade. Its reputation and influence are evident. Participating in the CIESC Annual Conference has further enhanced Feature-Tec's brand influence. In the future, Feature-Tec will continue to leverage its unique advantages to bring more innovation and breakthroughs to the chemical industry's development.

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