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Feature-Tec innovates filtration and separation

Feature-Tec is a world-class supplier of filtration & separation technology that specializes in R&D, design, manufacturing and verification, which continuously explores and innovates applications for filtration, separation and purification technology in the industrial process field. Feature-Tec is supported by its R&D of advanced materials, and based on its innovative process and lean manufacturing technology, which is driven by filtration & separation system solutions. Feature-Tec optimizes the process flow for customers, improves productivity efficiency, and stabilizes product quality. Through its value-oriented innovation solutions that are based on the principle of being “purer, more efficient, safer, more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and more economical”, we are helping people fulfill their dreams of “going green”. Feature-Tec has devoted itself to the innovation of purification, filtration, and separation technology in all industries for a better life.
  • Production & Testing Equipment
    Feature-Tec's manufacturing bases are equipped with advanced testing and design tools for filtration media and vessels to produce customized equipment based on clients' requirements.
  • Manufacturing Bases
    The Feature-Tec Wuxi and Shanghai production base can produce large-scale separation equipment, pressure vessels and filter elements with ISO9001, IS014001, OHSAS18001 certifications, and has passed ASME, NBBI, CE, GB-150, CU-TR, DOSH and China Pressure Vessel Manufacturing/Design Permit.
  • Quality Control
    In accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Feature-Tec maintains the highest standards for all aspects including product design, procurement and construction. With a strict code tracking system set in place, we assure the highest product quality to meet any industrial standards.

Feature-Tec Story

Continual Pursuit for Higher Standards
20 years ago, Mr Simon and Mr Sam established Feature-Tec as a filtration solution company to assist clients in solving their problems. By upholding this motto, Feature-Tec has grown into an international filtration enterprise, producing high quality products for major clients worldwide.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Journey to Zero Industrial Emissions
As pollution from the production processes is an inevitable problem affecting our environment and health, Feature-Tec aims to reduce emissions and waste created from processes by optimizing our clients' production process to filter, purify and recycle materials before emission. We understand the importance of being responsible for our shared environment, and have been researching methods to achieve a greener world for everyone.


  1. 2003


    Feature-tec was founded with the vision of "Greener world and better life"

  2. 2004


    The Speedo® quick-opening structure was introduced into the painting workshop of the main engine plants, that improves the convenience of operation, and quickly establishes a famous filtration brand in the global painting supply chain.

  3. 2006


    Ferroclean® magnetic filtration system enters the painting production line of the main engine plants, that reduces the content of ferromagnetic particles effectively and improves the cleanliness of the vehicle surface. Then Ferroclean® from Feature-tec becomes a standard product of the automotive painting production line.

  4. 2008


    Different air management modules with anti-reflux, anti-dust, anti-rain, noise reduction, filtration and the other functions were developed and suitable for wind towers.

  5. 2008


    Our product entered the polysilicon production device including of silane process and modified Siemens process that improves the traditional wet process to dry process and achieve technology innovation for high temperature direct filtration.

  6. 2010


    The concept of centralized filtration is introduced into the hydrogen peroxide production process. Jumbo and Rocket are used in the large flow design, with smaller areas, convenient replacement, and lower operation cost.

  7. 2011


    Feature-Tec entered the BDO industry with the products covering the whole Reppe process , and developed high precision, high strength filtration materials suitable for the autoclave reaction. We achieved domestic substitution.

  8. 2016


    Selfclear ® is applied to the core process of high-precision electrolytic copper foil, which improves the purity of electrolyte to 1μm, covers smaller areas, and is more convenient to operate. It replaced the traditional leaf filter and opened industrial revolution.

  9. 2018


    We replace imported filter elements in nuclear power plants, and to provide high-end equipment for the first demonstration plant of spent fuel retreatment in China, such as high-efficiency liquid filter for low-level radioactive waste liquid pretreatment.

  10. 2021


    GIST® series with high filtration accuracy of 3nm broke through the technical barriers and were used for gas protection of crystal growing furnace, instrument gas protection, dry gas of cleaning machine and other points. It achieved domestic replacement in gas filtration field.

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