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Synthetic resins (e.g., epoxy, alkyd, and phenolic resin) are intermediates used in a variety of final products; paint, printed circuit boards, wire coatings, adhesives and plastics.


The critical nature of the final product will determine the level of filtration required – it may be 1 µm absolute or 70 µm absolute.


Most resins are more viscous water, ranging from 10 to 10,000 cps and higher in addition to hard particulate matter, many of these resins contain deformable gelatinous contaminants to prevent gel penetration, the cartridge pressure drop must be minimized through the use of pleated cartridges. As gel filtration usually takes play within the process, polishing filters is used at the tank car loading area to remove any remaining contaminants.


Prior to selecting a filter medium, the solvent base of the resin must be known since this is usually the most chemically aggressive component in the resin. 


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Resins:  Epoxy, Alkyd, Phenolic 

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