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Filtration plays an integral role on the overall appearance of car body. Over the years, manufacturers had invested heavily in technology to streamline their process and improve the quality to meet the high market demand. Feature-Tec has since devised a complete and efficient filtration system to keep manufacturing costs low.


Filtration Process in Automotive Painting

Cars from weld shop carry a large amount of ferrous powder and grease. These contaminants must be removed before coat painting to ensure the quality of the completed product . The table below best describes the whole coating process, and its related filter applications



Technological Advancement Through the Years

After years of research and application experience, Feature-Tec has developed a complete set of filtration module to solve manufacturing problems



Feature-Tec Paint Filters

The perfect combination of filter and filter bag

① Speedo® Quick Opening Filter Housing

Patented quick closure and spring balance system. Speedo housing allows users to operate the housings in a quick and safe manner.

Pressure relieve device in place before housing can be opened. Spring balance design allows users to open the cover effortlessly.

Compact design reduces footprint and fluid wastage.


② Pleated Filter Bag (POP)

With our unique design, POP filter bags have 3 times longer life span compared to common filter bags.

Filtration efficiency can be increased to 85%.

This reduces bag change-out frequency, reduce consumption and manpower costs


FerroClean® I - Permanent Magnetic Filter

• Fully automatic system.

• FerroClean can trap, backwash and discharge ferrous particles with minimum manual operation and maintenance.

• Optional PLC signal allows both local and remote control and monitoring.

• Unique rod orientation increases filtration efficiency and extend downstream filter bags’ life span.

• On-site alarm to alert and prevent any operational abnormalities.




Other Bags

Polypropylene Filter Bag  NMO Nylon Filter Bag POXL Long Life Filter Bag
Patented ring for good sealing performance
High filter rate to 1um
Four bag sizes
Optional stainless steel ring
Stable filtration efficiency
Four bag sizes
Heat treated to assure no fiber migration
Super long life
Two bag sizes
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