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Lube oil filtration is a key element in the efficient operation and protection of large engines used to power compressors and other equipment in refineries. Without efficient filtration, these systems experience significantly shorter time intervals between turn-around with increased occurrence of emergency maintenance and the resulting downtime.



Engine failures and increased maintenance are directly related to contaminated lubricating oil, rust, crankcase scale, and debris from engine component wear must be removed to ensure efficient operation and trouble-free service life. Inadequate lube oil filtration leads to mechanical shutdowns, lube oil replacement, frequent filter change-outs and higher operating costs.



For both the lube oil supplier and manufacturer, Feature-Tec filter elements provide uniformly superior contaminant retention. 

Feature-Tec's lube oil coalescer skid is self-contained, skid mounted and offers a full status control panel for fully automatic operation. Standard lube oil coalescer skids are offered as stationary or portable systems for continuous or periodic attachment to an Oil System.


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Lube Oil Filtration Application Guide

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Lube oil coalescing


(particle & water removal)

Lube Oil filtration

The lube oil coalescer skid’s purpose is the removal of water from the oil. The harmful effects of moisture and particulate contamination in lube oil have been well documented. Feature-Tec utilizes high efficiency coalescer filter elements. These systems are designed to quickly remove large amounts of free water from lube oil. Coalescing technology enables you to remove bulk free water at extremely fast rates - previously this could only be done by centrifuges. Coalescing technology outperforms centrifuges, is simpler to use, costs less to maintain, and is lower in initial purchase price


Lube Oil filtration

To meet the demands of our customers with intermittent operation and small batch production, Feature-Tec has designed the JustFitTM series mobile filtration system. The structure of the system is light and handy, thus allowing for movable and flexible performance with easy operation. For small and medium sized Lube Oil manufacture/supplier companies, the JustFitTM system will be the preferred choice.


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