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Whether the ink is heat off-set, lithographic, flexographic, or gravure, achieving the product specifications is a challenge. Conforming to the two requirements, ink color and pigment grind, can be a time consuming operation. This is of particular importance in specialty inks where color matching is required. Regardless of the ink type or composition, conformance to the product specifications remains the goal.


The System


Ink can be contaminated by many sources during production. These can be of various types, fibres, solids, and semi-solids, complicating production to an even greater degree. Often, system recirculation is required to completely eliminate a contaminant. The system filter has the burden of maintaining pigment concentration and color while removing contaminants and ensuring that grind standards are met.


The Problem


Typical ink manufacturing processes require continuous recirculation and multiple quality checks in order to attain the product color and grind specifications. In many instances the filter life is expired before the batch is complete, requiring filter change-out and additional quality checks. In addition, the batch filtration process requires filter disposal at the end of a color specific batch, even if the cartridge life isn’t used. When process equipment is used for more than one color ink, the system must be thoroughly cleaned, filters changed, and used filters properly disposed of. These system practices result in:


Products Suitable For This Application


Depending on ink color and pigment size, a single or multistage filtration process may be required utilizing FCN & FCP series filters.  The multi-layered FCN filter features thick, lofty media for capturing deformable particulate.

The filter trolley system is an integrated design combining trolley, basket, bag, cartridge filters and a membrane system can be designed. The structure of the system is light and handy, thus allowing for movable and flexible performance with easy operation. For small and medium sized ink companies, the Filter trolley system will be the preferred choice.


Feature-Tec Filter Product

Applied to



Inks, paint, coating

To meet the demands of our customers with intermittent operation and small batch production, Feature-Tec has designed the JustFitTM series mobile filtration system. The structure of the system is light and handy, thus allowing for movable and flexible performance with easy operation. For small and medium sized Inks & Paint manufacture/supplier companies, the JustFitTM will be the preferred choice.

Filter cartridge


Inks, paint, coating

Nylon melt-blown cartridge  has useful features such as true gradient depth filtration, extremely low pressure losses, high removal ratings and high void volumes; All of which make the Nylon melt-blown cartridge the ideal choice for Inks, paint, coating filtration applications.

Filter Bag


Inks, paint, coating

Needled felt is the most common media used in economic disposable bag filters. Its fibers are locked together when they pass through beds of special barbed needles, entangling them into a strong matrix. The downstream side is singed using a special heat process to eliminate fiber migration. This rugged media is ideal for fabrication by both sewing and welding.

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