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Process Description

Automotive coating processes are generally divided into metallic surface treatment (pre-treatment technology) and the coating process. Surface treatment focuses on the removal of oil, dust, rust and the old paint layer to improve the surface condition. Adhesive surface impurities are removed through pre-degreasing and degreasing processes, with the washing liquid being reused after liquid filtration and separation processes.



During the degreasing process, removed dirt will accumulate in the tank, reducing the cleaning efficiency of the solution used. The cleanliness of the cleaning solution is usually kept constant to obtain a satisfactory decreasing efficiency and extend the lifespan of the cleaning bath, hence it is important to remove impurities from the solution used in a closed loop to avoid pump, nozzle and pipe blockage and damage, or impurities reattaching onto the cleaning surface, affecting the coating quality.


Product Features

• Automatic removal of magnetic iron and iron oxide powder and granules.

• Able to trap fine ferrous particles.

• Applicable for streams with high concentration of impurities and high cleanliness requirements.

• Low equipment investment cost of changing the filter bag without replacing the system. 

• POP filter bags can efficiently increase filtration efficiency by 85%, collecting more pollutants.

• 3 times normal filter bag life, reducing frequency of change-outs, quickly and effectively reducing consumables and labor costs.




Pre-Degreasing Processes

• FerroClean Magnetic Separation System

• Bag Filter


Degreasing Processes

• Jumbo Filter Cartridge

• POP High Dirt Holding Capacity Filter Cartridges

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