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Reverse osmosis/sea water reverse osmosis is a very popular technology in water purification. It is commonly seen in countries where water is scarce or sea water is readily available. High purity water can be achieved by using a membrane to remove ions in the water. However, process efficiency is related to effective pre-treatment of the influent to ensure maximum membrane performance.



Solid contaminants in the cooling water cause many problems including:

• Fouling – results in clogging of membrane surface, reducing removal efficiency, through put volume and operation time.

• Increased maintenance cost for cleaning.


Products Suitable For This Application:

Feature-Tec Filter Product Applied to Description
SAFT/SAS/sand filter  Raw water filtration Automatic, self cleaning filter. Removes coarse, solid particles to extend the operation time of downstream filters.
Cartridge filter (Jumbo/FSH)  RO pre-filter (MF, UF) Depth filters like cartridge filters remove residual particles to protect the RO membranes from clogging. High dirt holding capacity or high flow rate types available.


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