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High temperature and strong corrosion resistance

MIGHTY Cartridge is an advanced PURE PTFE filter element, which is suitable for the filtration of critical chemicals, such as strong acids. All products, cleaned with ultrapure water can ensure a lower leaching level and higher particle cleanliness. 


Product Features:

Pure PTFE material

Excellent compatibility

Low leaching level

Suitable for high temperature and high pressure environ­ment

High flow, low D.P.

Manufactured in dust-free environment

100% integrity test

Max. Operating Temp.:
185°C / 365°F
Max. flow D.P.:
0.69MPa < 50°C / 100psid < 120°F
0.41MPa < 110°C / 60psid < 230°F
0.24MPa < 170°C / 35psid < 335°F
0.14MPa < 185°C / 20psid < 365°F
• Precision filtration of factory chemicals
• High temperature and strong corrosive chemicals  
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