Inverting Filter Centrifuge
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Inverting Filter Centrifuge
Inverting Filter Centrifuge
Inverting Filter Centrifuge
  • Inverting Filter Centrifuge
  • Inverting Filter Centrifuge
  • Inverting Filter Centrifuge

FWZ Inverting Filter Centrifuge is a new high performance filtration system that is capable of automatically discharging collected particulates. With advantages such as automatic process controls and recycling capabilities, the filter is suitable for filtering process waste, and meets GMP standards for pharmaceutical, chemical and food filtration requirements.




Complies to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Clean-In-Place (CIP) requirements


Innovative discharge method; does not involve scraping or pressing to maintain particulates' shape


The filter cloth features excellent filtration and regeneration capabilities with no residual particulates, making it a effective equipment to filter difficult materials


With a fully enclosed structure that can be opened and dismantled for thorough cleaning and inspection


Mechanically operated equipment eliminates any contamination found in hydraulic systems


Unique elastic active shock dampener/absorber for stable and reliable operation


Equipped with PLC and touch screen controls for a fully automatic process operation


Process Description


A filter cloth, shaped as a bag, is fixed to the drum on the outer shaft on one end, and the other end is secured to the push plate on the inner shaft. During the separation process, filtrate passes through the filter cloth, while solids are trapped on the cloth, forming the filter cake.


When the filter cake reaches a set thickness, the feed inlet is closed to begin the washing phase. The drum spins at full speed until the cake is dry to begin discharging. In the discharge phase, the rotating drum pushes forward, inverting the filter cloth to dislodge the cake and regenerate the filter element. Upon retracting and locking, the equipment is ready for the next operating cycle.



Technical Innovations


The inverting filter centrifuge is structurally similar to a horizontal centrifuge. There are two shafts rotating in sync; the outer shaft is fixed to an axis, while the inner shaft moves mechanically along the axis. The drum attached to the inner shaft spins at high speed to produce sufficient centrifugal force for operation.



Product Code Drum Diameter (mm) Speed (rmp) Separation Factor   Work Capacity (kg) Loading Limit (kg) Main Motor Power(kw) Dimensions Length*width *height (mm) Weight (kg)
FWZ300-N 300   3000 1512 6.5 9 3 1800*750*1100 800
FWZ450-N 450 2300 1320 225 30 15 2000*950*1200 2000
FWZ600-N 600 1900 1210 50 60 22 3130*1200*1500 2500
FWZ800-N 800 1500 1000 120 150 37 4100*1400*2200 5000
FWZ1000-N 1000 1200 800 180 225 55 5300*2510*2510 8000
Chemicals: aluminum hydroxide, barium chloride, cobalt acetate
Pharmaceuticals: penicillin, EDTA
Food: Carrot flakes, caffeine, sugars, orange juice
Metallurgy: Magnesium silicate, manganese ore
Pesticides and bactericides
Waste treatment
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