Polypropylene High Strength Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
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melt filter
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pp spun filter cartridge
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  • melt filter
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  • pp spun filter cartridge

High Strength Melt Blown Filter Cartridge uses 100% polypropylene fine fiber, melted and blown to fuse together, with different porosity across the depth of the filter medium, effectively reducing pressure loss and stabilising filtration efficiency. Ultra-fine polypropylene fiber leverages on its strong bonds to form a crystalline structure without any need for adhesives, and has a graded gradient. It combines the best of porous and fabric filters.

The cartridge has even porosity and filtration efficiency can reach as high as 99%. It is not easily clogged, dirt-holding capacity and has high rigidity and resistance to microorganisms. It is widely used in water and fluid treatment in the food and beverages industry.



High Strength Melt Blown Filter Cartridge directs fluid flow in the direction of its graded gradient (in both inflow and outflow directions, dependent on filtration medium). During filtration, the bigger apertures of the pores have sufficient space to hold bigger particulates, ensuring that the cartridge does not clog up too quickly. Smaller apertures stop smaller particulates, ensuring filtration efficiency, lower pressure difference, and increasing service lifespan.

The combined effect of this graded gradient helps the cartridge to avoid the common pitfalls of high efficiency filters, such as rapid clogging and short service lifespan.


Product Features:

• Polypropylene melt blown element uses thin fiber, criss-crossing randomly to form a mesh with small pore diameter and high porosity to effectively control filtration precision

• Low pressure loss, high flow rate and stable filtering accuracy

• Long service lifespan and low filtration cost

• Resistant to putridity, acid and alkali, organic or inorganic solvent (except chlorosulfuric acid, aquafortis and strong oxidant)

• High quality non-toxic and odourless polypropylene material

• Melt blown element does not secrete dissoluble material during operation 

Example: Product code FCP107B1N represents high strength melt blown cartridge, 10" length, connection type 7, Buna seal ring, 1um micron rating, no core.
 Code   Cartridge Length   Connection Type   Seal Material   Filtration Rating   Core  
 FCP  10" / 20" /
 30" / 40"
 B - Buna N
 V - Viton
 S - Si. Rubber 
 U - None
 50/70/100 um 
 Y - PP
 N - None 
Max. Operating Pressure Difference:
• 80°C: 1.2kg/cm2
• 60°C: 2.1kg/cm2
• 20°C: 4.2kg/cm2
Recommended Change-out Pressure Difference: 2.1kg/cm2
Max. Operating Temperature: 80℃
Outer Diameter: 63 mm
Inner Diameter: 28 mm
Feature-Tec High Strength Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is suitable for various liquid applications such as:
• Water Pre-filtration
• Edible Oils Filtration
• Electrophoretic Paint Filtration
• Plating Solution Filtration
• Photo Development Solution
• Industrial Circulating Liquid Filtration
• Low Viscosity Liquid Filtration
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