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Filter Coalescers
Filter Coalescers
Filter Coalescers
Filter Coalescers
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  • Filter Coalescers
  • Filter Coalescers
  • Filter Coalescers

Coalescer filters are uniquely suited to remove liquid particles, aerosols and solid impurities from gases, such as lubricants, ammonia and micro particles, or to protect instruments from the presence of fluids. Coalescence cartridge can be horizontally or vertically mounted on a container.  A quick-opening blind plate is arranged for rapid opening and closing to save cartridge replacing time.

It can effectively and accurately remove solids from a gas stream which is difficult to treat, e.g. natural gas and utilize coalescence to remove mist (lubricant, glycol). An innovative structure design is adopted to ensure efficient processing, with a carefully engineered design to improve the convenience of operation and maintenance.


Operating Principle:

Gas flows into the container from bottom and big liquid drops are firstly separated from natural gas by gravity before flowing into cartridge. Small liquid drops enter into coalescence cartridge along with natural gas and pass through the coalescence cartridge from the inside to outside for separation. After passing through the cartridge, purified gas flows out from outlet in the upper part of equipment.

• Manufacturing Standard: GB150 or ASME VIII-1
• Equipment Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
• Filtration Rating: 0.3 um and above
• Filtration Efficiency: 98%
• Mounting Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
• Removal of entrained lubricant oil from compressor gas streams
• Removal of hydrocarbon droplets from gas streams
• Protection of desiccant beds by removing oils, ethylene glycol and ammonia
• Removal of impurities from turbine fuel gas
• Prevent ethylene glycol and ammonia glycol from contactors to be carried downstream
• Remove liquid and solid particles from gas streams before gas analyzers
• Remove lubricant oil from propane in cooling system applications
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