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Dry Gas Filter
Dry Gas Filter
  • Dry Gas Filter
  • Dry Gas Filter

Dry gas filter can be used for filtering solid particles from a gaseous stream. A plurality of cartridges are arranged inside and mounted in a horizontal or vertical container which is horizontally or vertically mounted in the device.

A quick-opening blind plate or blind flange which can be rapidly opened and closed is arranged at one end of the device to save cartridge replacing time.


Product Features:

• Effective and accurate removal of solid impurities from gas, such as natural gas, to protect downstream equipment

• Unique sealing design to ensure sealing performance and rigidity of cartridges

• Accurate pressure drop calculation to effectively reduce energy loss

• Meticulous detailed design to improve convenience of operation and maintenance

• High efficiency, accuracy and processing capacity


Operating Principle:

When gas flows into a container, big and heavy solid particles drop into container and gas passes through cartridges inside the container. The small solid particles contained in the gaseous stream are filtered by precision cartridge and then purified gas flows out of filter through outlet.

Dry gas filter can effectively protect instruments, valves, adjusting valves and other important devices.

Manufacturing standards: GB150 or ASME VIII-1
Equipment Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Cartridge Material: Ultrafine Glass Fibers, Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, etc
Filtration Accuracy: 0.3, 0.5 1, 5, 10 um
Filtration Efficiency: 98 - 99%
Mounting: Vertical or Horizontal
Dry gas filters are widely used in industries such as chemicals and petrochemicals to remove harmful solid contaminants from gas streams to protect critical equipment such as:
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