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Containerized Backflushable Filtration System
Convenient Installation
Much Less Space Required Compared to MMF or Sand Filter
Much Less Solid Waste Treated and Water Consumption During Service Life
Automatic operation
Compact design
Visualized Interface
Total cost saving including Capex & Opex
Air flushing is optional

Advantage Over Traditional Backwash Filter

Automatic Back Flush
•Pressure Difference
•Time Setting

Continuous Process
•Parallel Filter Design
•Backwash and Drain Same Time

 Filtration Rating 1 μ-100 μ.

Advantages of MacVital™ over MMF Filter 250 m3/hr
Filter Type MMF Filter MacVital™
Number of Units Required 6 1
Size for Each Unit 1.6m (OD) x 2.2m (H) 5.6m (L) x 2.2m (W)x 2.3m (H) or
4.5m (L) x 2.2m (W) x 2.3m (H)
Concrete foundation Need Strong concrete foundation Not required
Disposal 30 tons of Media in each Housing 52pcs cartridges, less than 80 kg
Operation Back wash Base on Time Back wash Base On DP
Maintenance Long shout down time (1 week) Easy and quick (less then 1hr)
Cost High operational and maintenance cost High capital investment with much lower operational cost
Filtration accuracy 10-20 um Upto 1 μm
Backwash time 10 minutes, Media will loss at high backwash flow rate Within 1 minute
Backwash Medium Around 2% of total treated fluid Much less due to small size (Less then 1%)


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