MP Non-partition filter
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MP non-partition filter adopts a filter material with excellent performance that combines ultra-high efficiency and ultra-low resistance. It has the characteristics of low resistance, high dust holding capacity, easy installation, and easy disassembly.


Product Features:

■ Ultra-thin design, save space

■ Lightweight and easy to install

■ Large filtration area, low resistance, high efficiency

■Large dust holding capacity, long service life, low operating cost

Type Code Grade Filter Media Outer Frame Gasket Mesh Plate
MP-Non-partition filter
B- Glass fiber
T- PTFE Composite material
C- Galvanized sheet
A- Aluminium alloy
E- Stainless steel
C- At outlet side
Y- At inlet side
S- At both inlet & outlet side
D-Top Gel Seal
B-Side Gel Sea
C-Mesh on Outlet side
S-Mesh on both Inlet & Outlet side
N- No Mesh Plate
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Separator: Hot melt adhesive

Sealant: Polyurethane

Conditions of use: Maximum temperature: 60°C     Maximum humidity: 100%RH

•  Electronics manufacturing, semiconductors

•  Precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals

•  Places with high cleanliness requirements such as food and cosmetics 


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