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LT coalescer cartridges are used in a wide range of liquid/liquid separations in the chemical, flavor and fragrance and biotechnology industries.


The LT coalesce media contains a tapered layer pore construction structure. The emulsion first enters from the inside of the cartridge and passes through a pre-filter to remove the coarse particles, extending the service lifespan. The liquid then encounters a fine media layer that initiates the coalescing process to form larger droplets. The coalescing process will be completed by a coarse media later that maximizes the coalesced droplet size before the fluid exits the outer layer of the cartridge.


The presence of difficult to separate emulsions can be a costly problem in the chemical, flavor and fragrance, and biotechnology industries. The liquid contaminants can cause the end products to be made off-specifications, deactivate expensive catalysts, foul contactors and stripping trays, which leads to corrosion and delays in downstream storage tanks, hence increasing the costs for wastewater treatment.


With the implementation of the LT coalescers, production costs can be avoided for the users.


Example: Product code LTSSD117EB represents LT Coalescer Cartridge, S31603, 6" outer diameter, 11" length, connection type DOE, S30408 core, Buna seal ring.
Code Cartridge Material Outer Diameter Cartridge Length Connection Type Core Material Seal Material
SS-S31603 (SS316L)
FS-Glassfiber Mesh Module
PF-Fluorocarbon Polymer Media
A - 2 3/4"
B - 3 3/4"
C - 4 1/4"
D - 6"
11=11 1/4"
14=14 1/2"
16=16 1/4"
22=22 1/4"
29=28 3/4"
33=33 1/4"
N-Tin Plate
C-Carbon Steel
E-S30408 (SS304)
S-S31603 (SS316L)
D-Duplex Stainless Steel
B-Buna N Rubber
V-Viton Rubber
N-Neoprene Rubber
Clean Pressure Drop: 2 psid
Change-out Pressure Drop: 8 psid
Max. Working Temperature: 300°F / 149°C
Separation Efficiency: 98%
pH: 5 - 9
LT Coalescer Cartridge is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries such as:
Oil Separation / Removal of Urea from Oil / Removal of Acid from Oil / Removal of Alkali from Oil / Separation of Lemon Oil from Aqueous Alcohol Solution / Removal of Acids / Separation of Organic Compounds from Alkaline Pharmaceuticals
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