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KP replaceable plate filter are widely used in the initial filter section of the ventilation system of industrial, commercial and civil buildings due to their reusability, easy installation, low resistance and high dust holding capacity.

Product Features:

■ Easy installation and reliable sealing

■ Low resistance and good versatility

■ The frame is removable and the filter material can be replaced

■ Lightweight structure, easy to handle and install

Type Code Grade Filter Media Outer Frame Gasket Mesh Plate
KP- Replaceable plate filter
H-Synthetic fibe
C-Galvanized sheet
A-Aluminium alloy
E-Stainless steel
C- At outlet side
Y- At inlet side
S- At both inlet & outlet side
X- No Gasket
C-Mesh on Outlet side
Y-Mesh on Inlet side
S-Mesh on both Inlet & Outlet side
N- No Mesh Plate

Filter media: synthetic fiber

Outer frame: Galvanized sheet/aluminium alloy/stainless steel

Conditions of use: Maximum temperature: 60°C

Maximum humidity: 100%RH

• Primary filtration of air conditioning system 

• Centralized ventilation system for automobile industry and general industry 

• Large-scale civil building ventilation and air-conditioning system 



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