Gasfil High-temp ultrapure gas filter
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Gasfil series ultra-pure gas filter, adopting all 316L stainless steel structure, is specially designed for the in-line filtration application of ultra-high-purity gas in semiconductor manufacturing process, and the filtration accuracy can reach 0.003μm. It is ideal for high temperature and dynamic high pressure applications.


Product Features

• All 316L SS construction

• Ultra-high particle interception efficiency, high flux, low resistance

• Suitable for high temperature applications

• Compact structure

• Suitable for a variety of process gases

• Manufactured in a dust-free environment

• 100% integrity tested

• 100% helium leak tested

Max inlet pressure:  52 bar@23℃

Max Operating D.P.:


Max operating temp.

inert gas:400℃

Corrosive gas, reactive gas:50℃

Recommended Flow rate:




High temperature and dynamic high pressure applications


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