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GT commercial air purifier is one of the most efficient purification systems for oil mist, VOC and particulate matter in the world. The integrated filter system structure can be composed of different filter elements according to the requirements and also can be connected to single or multiple machine tools. It has high precision of separation efficiency and good maintenance-free. It is also more durable, efficient and cost-saving.


Intelligent network for best performance:

■ Communicate with advanced control systems (WAGO, logo, Siemens, etc.)

■ Select external or local boot

■ Database connection

It is easy to operate and monitor. Un-trained personnel also can operate:

■ Visual display will indicate whether system is normal/alarm 

■ The fault information is transmitted to the storage number via SMS

■ Differential pressure monitoring (5 filter levels) 

■ It supports Web server (online monitoring). 

■ Option: GT remote control 

■ Multi-language menu navigation

Increased efficiency through optimal operating parameters:

■ It is based on demand-oriented to control ventilation device’s drive motor (with pressure monitoring)

■ The load of the filter represented in graph form, which can be replaced on-time accordingly.

Optimal maintenance time, pre-reminder function:

■ Comprehensive working hours counter 


■ It shows the next maintenance due date
Model No. Flow Rate Process Condition Function*
GT-Commercial Air Purifier
L – Light Pollution
H – Heavy Pollution
O – Oil Mist
D - Dust

• Clean air 0.005mg/NM3@PM2.5

• Aerosol filtration efficiency 99.97%

• Filtration accuracy - 0.3μm

• According to the actual requirements of the environment, add activated carbon, adsorbent, condensation and other functions.

• The system can be customized accordingly, which can be in combined or independent form




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