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A revolutionary design & fully automatic back flushing filtration system


Easy Maintainance ----Selfcleaning Design, No CIP Required

Performance reliability ---- Mature design, solid removal efficiency up to 99%

Oil & Hydrocarbon removal (PAHs) ---- PAHs can be trapped by particles efficiently

Wide Range Turbidity Acceptable ---- Effluent turbidity can be down to 10NTU

Integrated Solution ---- 1-Stage ,No Pre-Filtration needed

Compact design & small foot print ---- 1500x2000x2300 for the whole package

Turbidity Acceptable for Influent High Low
Prefilter Necessary No Yes
Turbidity Achievable for Efluent Good Good
Best SDI of Efluent Achievable 2 2
Filtration Rating Down to (x)Micron 0.1-1 0.5-1
Water Consumption for Back Washing Pretty Low High
Power Consumption Pretty Low Middle
Chemical Consumption No No
Fluid Chemical Compatibility Good N/A
Performance Stability without Changing Element <6month <12month
Capex Middle Middle
Opex Low Low

Ship desulfurization wastewater treatment



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