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Ferroclean Ⅲ Electromagnetic Particles Separator
  • Ferroclean Ⅲ Electromagnetic Particles Separator

Ferroclean Ⅲ Electromagnetic Particles Separator was developed by Feature-Tec with high gradient magnetic field technology to remove micron sized magnetic particles in the powder. lts high-frequency vibrating screen structure can avoid powder blockage while separate magnetic particles effectively. According to different working conditions, the equipment can choose different materials, adjust the screen model and enhance the current level to ensure it meets the process requirements. Ferroclean Ⅲ is suitable for production lines with strict requirements of magnetic particles proportion, including food, chemical, plastic, kiln, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor and new energy industry.

Product Features:

• High High strength magnetic field, evenly distribution, up to 20000 gs

• Efficient removal of micron-sized magnetic particles

• Vibrating devices can be used for raw materials with poor fluidity to solve the problem of powder blocking

• Fully automated operation, continuous or intermittent processing, reducing labor costs


Channel Parameter


Excitation Power


Magnetic field intensity


Processing capacity


Appearance dimensions




EM15F00 150 6.5 ~20000 200-450 1300*1300*1900 1600
EM25F00 250 7.5 ~20000 400-800 1400*1400*1900 2000
EM30F00 300 8.5 ~20000 600-1200 1500*1500*1900 2500

Excitation equipment

Cooling system

Vibration device

Switching valve

Power supply system

Dry powder links of production lines such as artificial graphite, natural graphite, lithium carbonate, silicon carbon, etc

Production of ternary materials, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate and precursors

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