Dycera Filtration System
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The Dycera Filtration System is a high-performance membrane technology system, providing advantages ofless affectedbyfeed concentration, slow attenuation of membrane flux. This system is suitable for continuous and stable operations. The filter’s power consumption is 1/3 compared to tube ceramic membrane. Dynamic cross-flow can avoid membrane clogging and results in a significant reduction of replacement downtime.

Features and benefits

■ The system is applicable for high concentration suspended solid.

■ Compared with tube type, requirement for prefiltration is lower. Rotary type only need a cyclone as pre-filter.

■ Less residue means low cost for evaporation or drying.

■ Compact and flexible modular design is easy to expand, inspect and maintain.

■ Dynamic cross-flow and backwash design increase lifespan of ceramic membrane.

■ Integrated design with trolley makes system easy to move.

Diameter: 152 mm

Filtration area (m² )


Membrane flux (L/m2h bar)

250, 235, 185, 65, 30, 20

Diameter: 200 mm

Filtration area (m² )


Membrane flux (L/m2h bar)

400, 340, 300, 100, 50, 30

Diameter: 312 mm

Filtration area (m² )


Membrane flux (L/m² h bar)

950, 900, 700, 250, 120, 90

Micron Rating

2μm, 0.5μm, 0.2μm

60nm, 30nm, 10nm

■ Treatment of Wastewater with Emulsion

■ Treatment of Wastewater with Oil in Automotive Industry

■ Wastewater Treatment in Titanium Dioxide Industry

■ Chinese Medicine and Antibiotics Extraction

■ Wine, Beer, Juice and Milk Products Filtration

■ Amino Acid Sterilization and Purification

■ Nano Powder Washing

■ Dye Process Water Treatment

■ PVC Process Water Treatment



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