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Feature-Tec Passed On-Site Inspection, Becoming a Supplier for Nuclear Industry


From the 9th to 10th May, inspectors from China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) conducted a two-day qualification audit for Feature-Tec to be listed as a supplier for the nuclear industry. The audit team inspected Feature-Tec's quality management system, engineering technology, production capacity, product quality and process controls.

During the first conference, the audit team listed the precautions, scope of evaluation, evaluation basis and requirements of the inspection. The inspection was then carried out in strict accordance with the principles and requirements of the assessment, with oral inquiries, on-site inspection and documentation checks of each department. After the rigorous inspection, Feature-Tec was recommended as a CNNC Qualified Supplier.

This milestone marks Feature-Tec's expansion into the nuclear industry and an opportunity to develop products and solutions to advance the development of nuclear energy locally and overseas.

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