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ACHEMA2018, Lets the World Understand Feature-Tec


On June 11 of German time, Feature-Tec participated in the five-day industry's largest comprehensive exhibition ACHEMA2018. The exhibition attracted more than 4,000 exhibitors from all over the world. With its professional separation technology and high-quality products, Feature-Tec was once again stunning the world.

Feature-Tec issued the 4 filtration technology: Selfclear- automatic backblowing filtration technology, Ferroclean- magnetic separation technology, water treatment skid technology, Nodust- high-temp gas treatment. Advanced technology and the latest high-quality products have attracted a lot of attention. During this period, Feature-Tec combined with 20 years of filtration separation experience and cased to answer doubts for international customers and won widespread praise.



Feature-Tec have never stopped exploring the overseas market since its inception. Until now, Feature-Tec has established overseas branches in Singapore and Germany, and has R&D, management centers around the world. The service network has covered the whole world, and it can provide instant technical support and product service to customers all over the world.



With the support of customers, we will continue to rely on science and technology, make new innovations, use first-class products and cutting-edge services to return new and old customers. Green world and better life.



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