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cyclone separator Design Features

• With improved R&D and innovation, Cyclonic Separators now operate at an even higher efficiency and precision, an improvement from past designs

• Compared with traditional cyclone separator, our efficient cyclone separating system has the following design advantages:
• Special gas flow splitting design
• The core of cyclone separator is a group of coils. In traditional design, single coil normally generates uneven cyclone distribution which affects integral separating effect. Our solution is to adopt circular coils distribution design.
• The best circular distribution structure is a closed loop and gas flows into it from the center, giving it an even distribution.
Best Design of Gas Inlet Direction:
Gas inlet direction is another important factor affecting separating efficiency, which is normally used for protecting gas filters from being blocked by liquid or particles. Incorrect gas inlet direction design could result in dispersing solid/liquid impurities going into the separator, affecting the filtering effect. 
Feature-tec adopts a fluid inlet direction design technology to solve this problem and effectively increase separating efficiency.

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