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Introducing the cyclone separator

Cyclone separator is a high-efficiency filtration system. It is able to effectively remove large amounts of solid and liquid particles from a gas stream at a relatively low pressure.

It also works effectively at extremely high pressures, especially when used to filter viscous impurities or other wax-like particles. With its capability to withstand a wide range of pressure differences, it offers the benefit of a low maintenance cost.The solid/liquid impurities collected inside will be periodically blown away to maintain stable equipment efficiency, without the necessity to replace filter element.
The dirty gas enters the gas distribution chambers through multiple inlets into multiple cyclonic tubes. Through centrifugal action, each cyclonic tube will cause the impurities to separate from the gas to collect on the inner walls of the cyclonic tube. With all the cyclonic tubes working in synergy, all the impurities will be effectively removed and collected at the end of the separator for removal. Cleaned gas flows into collector through upper output tube and is exhausted through outlet.

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