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Introducing the filter separator

Filter separators are used for filtering solid and liquid inpurities from gas streams.
A filter separator works in 2 stages. The first stage uses a special filter with the dual function of filtration and coagulation to filter heavier solid and liquid impurities from the gas stream. In the second stage, these coagulated particles will be removed by mesh pads. Separated liquids are stored in a liquid collector.
The filter separator uses a coalescing cartridge for high working performance.

Operating Principle:
When the gas enters the separator, the heavy liquid and the solid particles will collide with one another. This will generate a centrifugal force which forces the heavy particles to dissociate from the gas, which are then collected at the bottom of the separator. Finer suspended particles will enter the second stage of removal with vane or mesh pads, resulting in the emission of clean and dry gas.

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