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Feature-Tec Re-certified as a Quality Pressure Vessel Manufacturer


During end September of 2016, the Quality & Technical Inspection Division of Jiangsu conducted a two-day pressure vessel design qualification review.

During the review, Feature-Tec’s resources, design drawings and design systems are required to meet the standards and range required. Our quality control and management system are also required to meet the <<Pressure Vessel Design Manual>> requirements.

After successful approval under the People’s Republic of China’s permit for special equipment (pressure vessels), Feature-Tec is authorized to produced fixed pressure vessels (D1 Class I Pressure Vessels; D2 Class II low and medium pressure vessels).

With over a decade of dedicated research in the field of filtration separation, Feature-Tec strives on the continual pursuit of quality engineering services and innovation to provide significant advancements in the industry.

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