Wire Mesh Pad Demister
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Wire Mesh Pad Demister
Wire Mesh Pad Demister
Wire Mesh Pad Demister
  • Wire Mesh Pad Demister
  • Wire Mesh Pad Demister
  • Wire Mesh Pad Demister

Wire mesh demister is a compact separating layer with a certain thickness weaved by metal wire. It is horizontally mounted in a container for removing liquid impurities from gas. When the gaseous steam vertically flows through separating layer, liquid impurities are removed. It is recommended not to use demisters to process dirty medium as it may cause blocking, reducing the separating efficiency.

Demisters can be vertically or horizontally mounted.

Production standard: GB150 or ASME VIII-1


Operating Principle

When gas streams containing mist rises at a certain speed to pass through the wire mesh, the mist collides with the wire. Due to inertia and the effect of mist rising, a thin layer of liquid adheres to the wire surface.  After mist spreading, condensing and settling on the wire surface, bigger liquid drops formed by continual mist flowing along the wire at the junction point of two wires. With more liquid adhering to the wire, coupled with surface tension of liquid and capillary action of the wire, the liquid drops will coalesce and eventually drain by gravity. This happens when the droplet's gravity exceeds the combined resultant force of the rising gas and surface tension of liquid. The separated gas would not contain any mist.


Demisting Efficiency:

Wire-mesh demister can remove 99~99.5% 2μm mist.

• Manufacturing Standard: GB150 or ASME VIII-1
• Mounting Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
• Wire mesh pads can remove mist droplets of 2 um at 99 - 99.5% efficiency
• Wire mesh demisters are suitable for various applications in many industries such as:
• Removal of liquid chemicals in gas streams such as condensate and oil droplets
• Pollution control
• Product recovery
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