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Nylon melt blown filter cartridge
Nylon spun filter cartridge
Nylon spun filter cartridge
Nylon Melt Blown Cartridge
  • Nylon melt blown filter cartridge
  • Nylon spun filter cartridge
  • Nylon spun filter cartridge
  • Nylon Melt Blown Cartridge

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Feature-Tec designed our Nylon Meltblown Filter Cartridge to meet process requirements of high temperature and toxicity,  utilising melt blown technology and ultra-fine nylon fibers. Combined with graded gradient filtration, it has high filtration efficiency, high dirt-holding capacity, low pressure differential and a long service lifespan.

Nylon melt blown cartridges can withstand high temperatures of up to 120°C, and is compatible with most chemicals in toxic environments. The cartridges can be used in food and beverages production processes where high temperatures are used to kill germs and bacteria.


Product Features:

• Made of melt blown superfine nylon fiber, with high filtering efficiency and low pressure difference

• Tight inside but loose outside, progressive gradient filtration structure increases the pollutants holding capacity of cartridge

• High temperature resistance (up to 120°C)

• Excellent solvent resistant and suitable for filtration under environment where requirements on material are high such as special chemicals, petroleum, paint and ink

• No adhesive agent added, high cartridge cleanliness and compliance with FDA certification.

Example: Product code FCN107B1N represents nylon melt blown cartridge, 10" length, connection type 7, Buna seal ring, 1um micron rating, no core
Code Cartridge Length Connection Type Seal Material Filtration Rating Core  
FCN 10" / 20" /
30" / 40"
3/4/6/7 B - Buna
V - Viton
S - Si. Rubber
U - None
1/5/10/25/50/70/100 um Y - Nylon
N - None
Max. Operating Pressure Difference:
• 1 - 25 um: 2.5 bar; 
• 50 - 100 um: 1.0 bar
Max. Operating Temperature: 120°C
With its excellent chemical resistance, nylon melt blown cartridges are suitable for filtration of chemical solvents
Special Solvent Filtration / Clarification & Filtration of Oils / Removal of Impurities from Spray Paints / Vapor Degreasing / LPG Filtration / Water Pre-filtration
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